Monday, 30 May 2016

Maths strategy test

Description: The teachers gave us a test to see what category we were in for maths. How many questions we got right we doubled it and that was our percent. I got 30 out of 50 right so I got 60 percent and you needed to get 80 percent to go to the stage above you. I'm on stage 6 so if I got 80 percent or higher I would of gone to stage 7.


Evaluation: I think I did well because I tried a strategy that you start with the easy things then you go to the hard thing. But I think I could do better because I got the same score as last time I did the test

Feedback: i thought you did well at 
doing the easy things first
feedforward: i think you need to work doing some prove it #jacobw

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: In science we have been learning about plants and cooking our science is over for the term but we still need to water our plants. Our science is called Seed to table. My group and I have planted bean seeds with different types of liquid. But we have the same amount of liquid and soil. We have gave the plants water, tea, coffee, fizzy (lemonade), salt water and saltwater mixed with fizzy.
we have made a slide to present the days of the growing and watering of the plants.


evaluation: I think I did well because I worked really well with my group. We should of done another seed because our seed has not really grown.

feedback: I like the way you showed most pictures but 1
feedforward: You need to improve your timing when you do it because i cant see some of the pictures. Angus M

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My metaphor

Description: For writing the teachers set a task for the students to write a sentence that includes a metaphor. I wrote a metaphor hats pretty gross but funny as well.

My metaphor
The bogie is as green as a leaf.

Evaluation:  I think I did well because I had to pick out of two of them.

Seed to table #2

Description: In seed to table we are having a investigation on planting. In my group There is Me (William), Mike, Sam and Fletcher. In my group is what we are feeding it. So we have in on water, tea, coffee, sprite, salt water and salt water mixed with fizzy. Each day we feed the one we label with same liquid. We put 15ml in each one.


Evaluation: I think my group and I did well in see do table with our investigation. I think we did well as well with cooking too.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Description: In maths I went to a workshop with James. We were learning fractions. I have a sheet of paper that has the maths work on fractions. I didn't get to finish it in time because we only had twenty minutes and we stopped to work them out together.

Evaluation: I think I did well In my maths because I got it right. But next time I will work on getting it done and working it out by myself.

Feedback: I like how your description was short but sharp and you did well in your maths
Feedforward: Next time you should try to do it faster. Mike S

Monday, 9 May 2016


Description: We had a handwriting task that we needed to write. it was a poem and a pay of words that a kid has wrote. we had 5 minutes to write it down. I finished it with 1 second spear. I think I did really well. We had to rate ourselves out of ten because to see if we were legible, speed and accuracy. I was a two because I had good speed because I finished and I didn't have it tidy.


Evaluation: I think I did well in my handwriting because I took my time but sort of rushed at the same time.

feedback/feedforward: you did a good job at watering your plants and make mike do more

Friday, 6 May 2016

Seed to table

Today I did seed to table. There was Elly my teacher and my mum with a few other parents. The menu is pumpkin soup with focaccia. We had two deserts that was cinnamon pinwheel scons and fejioa muffins.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

maths today (wed 4 of may)

In maths me and sam were helping each other getting strategies to get the right. We got up to level nineteen and I could not get it right then I tried it on sam's and I got it right on his.


evaluation: I think I did well in maths while we were working together he was not distracting me and I was not distracting him.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sarah platt buddy art

Description: In buddy time we started a hole class Sarah platt art. We had the photo of the art that we were going to draw it was 5cm by 5cm then the paper that we drew on was 25cm by 25cm. I did the bit by the regent. I worked from my buddy carter. I did half the painting and sketching and he did the other half. 


Evaluation: I think carter and I did well in the art. Because I worked in a team with him.