Monday, 21 March 2016

Buddy challenge writing

U We chose to do writing camp or buddy challenge I did buddy challenge. I did it to entertain. This is my writing hope you get what I mean from "entertain". It is a day as a life.

Buddy challenge day
Hi my name is William the black lumpy soccer ball. It is buddy challenge day today and I am the ball in the massive rainbow silky parachute. I am getting launched up so high in the air that it feels like the sun is grabbing me and throwing me back down. People run at me and try to catch me before I hit the ground. There were people surrounding me like a herd of buffalos. Students are launching me up into the air over the fence or in the football goal. When I hit the ground so hard it felt like all the air in me went POOF! Then I see sam the green smooth plastic ball getting launched up too. The next moment we drop down to the earth and get a concussion. We are fetched by the students and throne back on the parachute. They launch us back into the air so high we almost faint in the air. We smile at each other next minute we fall to our deaths, na it doesn't end like that. We fall back into the parachute. They launch us back into the air we fall back into the ground with a thud. I see Sam with three birds flying around his head. “Hey William” said Sam. I sigh “wow”. Then the birds fly away. When Max (one of the students) puts us back on the parachute They say 3, 2, 1 launch. They launch us back into the air so high we saw the wall of China, then we landed on top of the football goal. Now it's lunch. Buddy challenge day is done. Everyone forgets about us and leaves us on the soccer goal. After 80 years we finally come down. We have mold and moss all over us. Then a new buddy challenge starts. Here we go again.

Feedback/feedforward: I like the way how your description was short but it explained everything but how ever I wonder if you could put more detail into it
From Mike

Evaluation: I think I did in my storey but I will try to make it longer next time

Friday, 18 March 2016

My Whakapapa

Description: The teachers gave a a task in et reo. If you don't know what et reo is it what we do instead of doing Kapa Haka. He made a family tree as big as we can remember. Hope you enjoy


evaluation: I think I did well because I remembered most of it but not all of it.

feedback: i think you done well.

feedfoward: i 
 think you could make it a little bit more clear

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Camp diary

Description: on Tuesday the 8th of March. We traveled from school (Russell street school) to waikenae. We arrived at El Rancho. We got of the bus and lined up. We went inside the hall and we ate our morning tea. Then we walked to our cabin and got a bed. Then we the boys did a tour around El Rancho called explore El Rancho while the girls were in there cabins doing there bed and putting there bag next to there bed. We had to find the marks hidden in different places. There was a mark that was a triangle and a dot in the middle. Then the boys went to the cabins and did there bed. Image/ evaltion:

Feedback:I like how you were honest about rifles.
feedforward:Next time write it more clearer.

Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word portfolio sample 2016

Description: The teachers found this project on the Internet. It's was to choose your own word and my word is inspire. Elly took a photo of us that we were pretending to hold a sign. We measured out how long the width of our arms and from our chin to our chest. My word is 29cm by 6cm. We had to think of a creative way to design our word. For my I,I did annapartment building. My n as a blue snake. My s as a snake. My p is a basketball hoop. My I is a creative I. My r as a koru and e as creative e. Then we put it in Twitter.

Image: this is my art - hope you like it! Mine is with the green background.

Feedback: I like the background colours
Feedforward: Make your letters bold.

Evaluation: I think I did well on my art and choosing my word. I think I could of done a better koru for my r. I showed my word as I inspired people to do stuff there hardest.

My goals for camp

Description: We have written some goals for camp that are relevant to our word. We wrote a practice sheet with our actual goal. Then we will do are real one. Then we will go to camp on the 8th of March.