Monday, 14 November 2016


Description: In writing i am with nic. He told us to write a story about a useless item i did cow poo.

image: Useless item

A useless item is something you really can’t use. A useless item hmmm. I know cow poo. I think you could persuade someone for using it. I think you can make a movie or a poster. Here is the story. Here we go. “Have you been wondering something is missing in your life. Now there's not “CoW PoO” Its really usefull. You can brush your teeth makes a fresh teeth whitener and a very silky conditioner. Also if you call in the next ten minutes you get the other the exact same price . And if you call in the next 20 minutes you get your own social worker. come over jibby jibjib. He's really efficient do your weights aghh my hands. And that's all.

evaluation: i think i did well but next time make it longer

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