Thursday, 10 December 2015

Inquiry last day

  • What I did? I ended building a chair not a buddy bench a for eating on. We were going to paint it but we forgot the paint. 
  • What was easy and hard? easiest was sawing and hardest hammering.
  • What have I learned I learned its fastest way is to saw is straight down.

  • What was the most frustrating/ challenging thing? What difficulties did you encounter? When I had to keep changing groups.
  • What did you think was going to be easy but took longer than you thought? Sawing a really hard piece of wood that looked east but took a long time.
  • How might your inquiry help you in the future? Because there is a small limit of lunch tables to eat on so we made a bench that you can sit on and eat your lunch on.
  • What was your proudest moment in your inquiry? finishing the lunch bench because Jacob, Connor and I finished sanding

Thursday, 3 December 2015



  • What I learned? I learnt that you saw on a angle not straight
  • What was challenging? The challenging bit was cutting straight with the saw
  • What i did? today i finished marking the box and cut the wood in half