Friday, 23 October 2015


Description: In poutama people did a reading follow up task and i am in group inside the game. This activities that i had to work on. This is my reading.

big idea:

  • Why do you think the author introduces a typical fairy-tale type of princess? because if there is a princess there is more threatening. Do you think this style of princess make Chris more or less likely to want to save her? ye because he played for a long time.
  • Why do you think the author constructed the setting from the game in so much detail? because the author sounds very smart and gives a lot of interest. What purpose is there behind using so much detail? Detail makes it better than just using no detail.
i had to make this from question they gave me

evaluation: i think i did well but next time I need to put in more depth.

good reading William and next make sure you do more#sammy

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

pre reading post

I think that the cover of he book looked like a video game castle so thats why its called inside the game. the blurb is really cool because it tells you all about it. the blurb said Chris gets stuck inside a game an him and his cousin amy trying to help people survive. What hooked me in is that video game books are usually really good books.

Predictions: I  think whats going to happen is that he is going to survive the game and he will complete all the levels. he might be in bad parts of the game like stranded in the desert and fighting a monster but he still survives.