Thursday, 27 August 2015


Description: Every Thursday we do drama with Rebecca. My favourite activity was hot seat. Hot seat is my favourite because you get to be the character. And you get to talk funny like how the character would talk.

Big idea: We are learning to stay in character. Hot seat is when somebody is sitting down and there a character of a story. People ask him questions and he has to awnser.m

Evaluation: I think I did well because I asked questions well. Next time I could make questions more deeper.

Feedback/feedforward: I like how you stayed in character and having the right voice but I think you could work on is telling things that relates to the character and story. Houston

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wrting Ideas

Description: My goal is ideas. My main focuse is I have ideas to write about. In Writng we had this picture we had to look at and make up a narrtive about it.


big idea: For my planning I did a bubble map of what we could see , feel and here to genarate things in my writing. “Hello i'm a fat english Tabby in a very nice house. My owner is very nice to me but she has a Budgie as well. Don’t get me started about him any my name is Tim. Tim the cat. Sorry for not introducing myself. The bird name is Bob the bird. He is alright when dinner is on but play time you do not want to know.” “Should I tell them”. I wondered. I should. He is rambunkshus, mean and skilled everything bad thing you could think of.

One day five years ago he trapped me in his bird cage. Then he brought me outside of the house and had me in there for a whole year I had food and lots of water. I made my own to. It was yellow. Then this stray bulldog that came sprinting into the cage. “ Thank you.” I said. “The names bruce” said the dog. "Hi Bruce can you help get the little pesky yellow budgie out of my house." Said tim. "Ok" said Bruce. "I will get him out of your house and destroy him" said Bruce with anger. So Bruce and tim went inside and sneaked up on bob and then they pounced on him and nek minute bob was outside trying to get back inside so bruce went through the cat door. Wait a minute can that dog fit through a cat door. Ok lets get back to the story. He went through the cat door. And the bird was sitting on the step then boom Bruce belly flopped on bob. Bruce gobbled bob up and then buurrpp. Then tim lived happily until she got bob brother.

Evaluation: I like my story because its funny. next time i should try and do more paragraphs.

feedback/feedforward: I liked how you were had heaps of humour in your story. Next time you could add more onto the story.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production (ora)

Descritpion: In production we are doing wearble arts. The main part of is means life but in moari its ora. We are recycling and upcylcing. The themes are superheroes and villains, elemants and out of africa. My theme is superheros and villains. I wanted to do this because I like superheros and villans. 2

Image: This is my mood board.

I have made a dagger that has black for the blade and red for the blood. The handle is black as well. It took me 2 weeks to paint it. I used a hard plastic to make it out of and to shape it I drew is out with sharpie then Troy cut it out for me and it was done.

End product: I have my end product and wow it's look cool. I have a mask, shmok and fingers. It looks really cool and I am proud.
The materials I used:

Hard plastic, paint, tape ( lumpy stuff on my knife).

The most challenging part of it was the mask it took a long time to paint.

I almost gave up on the paper claws because it took 4 ever to paint so i wanted to give up.

the thing i am most proud of was the shmok that my mum helped me made.

Our school vision in to inspire, angency,creativity and excellence. I showed this by never giving up and showing how creative i am and i showed excellence while painting.

evalution: i think i did well because i never gave up when iwhen i was stuck

feedback/feedforward. i think you did good at painting all your stuff in time. i think you could of re coated your stuff. jonty

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Reading (tic-tac-toe)

Description: In reading we have tic tac toes. This tic tac toe is called akinator. I tried neymar. If you want to play it yourself here is the link


Big idea: I learnt while doing this post that any thing is possible asking random questions. It helped my learning because it asked questions that i had to anwser yes or no questions like is your guy linked with sports. Its helping me reach my goal because i'm questiong and there asking questions.

feedback i think you did good at asking your questions appropreitly.
feedforward i think you need to work on doing people school related. #jontyk

evalution: i think i did well because i asked answered the question correctly. but next time i could do better

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Picture Perfect tic-tac-toe

Description: For reading we have tic-tac-toes (activties). This the tic-tac-toe we did is called picture perfect. We could chose to do 10 that means your a novice or 20 that means your and expert. We didn't do any of those we did 25. Me and sam went together. Here is the list of the 25.

Big idea: This my 25 sentences  

Why is the room made out of plastic.

Why is the room outside.

Why is the room the shape of a hamster wheel.

Why is the room made out of plastic and has a wooden floor.

Why is the door plastic too.

Why is it a bedroom and not a house because a house need a kitchen and a living room, another room, and a garage.

Why is it just 1 bedroom.

Why does the room have plastic wall and not brick or wood.

Why is it the bedroom in the forest and not in town.

Why is the furniture besides the bed made out of wood

why is it outside near animals and trees

What is it supposed to be

Who made it

Why did they make it in that in virement

What will happen to it in summer because it might be really hot and melt the plastic. In winter it might freeze up and be frozen forever.

Why did they make it in there backyard

Where is this

Why did they make it

How did they make it out of plastic

What type of plastic did they make it out of

Where in the world is it

Why did they make it, for a bad reason or a good reason

Why did he or she make it in there backyard

Where did they do it in there backyard

When did they make it

Evalution: I think I did really well because I did more then twenty but I think next time I could do 30.

Feedback:You had made a heap of questions.
Feedforward: You could improve on your questions your questions are a little too easy.