Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Reading ( how to catch a lion)

Description. For reading we have to tic-tac-toe. We could chose a tic-tac-toe. I chose how many. About how to catch a lion. So here is the list.  

Big idea:
 You could get some meat and make it follow you and then put it in the cage.
You could shoot it with a sleep bullet and put it in the cage.
You could put a dead wild boar in front of the cage and then the lion will jump to get it and you can then drop the door of the cage to lock it up.
You could tame it then put it in the cage.
Run Into the cage and make the lion follow you and then jump out quickly.
KILL IT. And then put it in the cage
Blow the habitat up.
Put a fake girl lion in and then it will go to it.
Shoot a blow dart at it.
Shoot it with a tranquilliser dart at it

Evaluation. I think I did well but next time I can do better because I can try to 20.

Feedback. Awesome work on doing great catch skill to catch a lion.
Feedforward. I think you should work on more questions to catch a lion and 
More details on questions. #Sam