Monday, 23 June 2014

RSS cross country

On Thursday RSS seniors strolled to Skoglund park for cross country.

First thing Vanessa said, "every one line up out side on the deck." Then she said, "Follow me" so we did then we were strolling to Skoglund park. When we are at Skoglund park. I said to Edward," 
What should we do." "Um let's play gang gang war." "Ok." "Oh no.  

There's no more time Edward." I said. "Ok" Edward said. 
Ebony's calling. So then Edward went to ebony and then ebony said, "On your marks get set GO!!" Then Edward passed his self and he was coming 8th place then he picked up some speed and passed three people then he was in 5th place then he stayed their for the rest of the race. He sprinted like mad.

After the race he was really proud of his self. I was really proud of him to. It started to rain. I was sort of cold but my friend was warm in his puffer jacket. "I should of bought my puffer jacket to." I said. "It was a good race." I said to Jacob. Then David got a bus so we can go back to school dry.  Then when our class got back to school. I strolled down to the swings and we played swing tag. Swing tag was fun really fun.

After lunch I felt really weird about cross country. Then we talked about who came first, second, third and any one that got into the top ten.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Robot art

WALT: Layer corrugated card to create a Robot
To be successful we need to....
 - Create a corrugated body section 
 - Have at least 2 layers of corrugated card on main parts
 - Use a variety of different shapes
 - Cut shapes correctly
 - Use a ruler
 - Not show pencil lines
 - Fill up empty spaces
 - Stick pieces on with lots of glue
 - Create robot features

Wednesday, 4 June 2014